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The Warpath shows what it is made of
A video of the Detour truggy at Alderley Edge tackling some off road terrain.

The Detour kicking up some dirt
Our clip of the Detour on a dirt track.
A modified Fang
This video shows the Fang with some upgrades installed. Please send us some of your movie clips to show on the site. Click below and then click on upload.

latest news

We love upgrades!
As well as the factory upgrades from Radline we will be making available 3rd parts upgrades from great manufacturers such as Atomic. If you have a suggestion for an upgrade please let us know through the forum.
Radline models to hit the UK soon
After the massive success in the US, Radline models will soon be available in the UK. The first stock will arrive around mid August. Check out the where to buy link to see where you can pre order yours. now online
Welcome to the new Radline UK site. A fun and useful community for Radline owners and fans.