Take all the big jumps you've ever wanted and land them with RADLINE RC's Optional Oil Filled Shock Pack. Once you install these blue anodized beauties, you'll notice a drastic improvement in your vehicle’s handling and jumping ability. Threaded aluminum shock collars allow you to tune spring tension on the fly, so you can dial in your vehicle’s ride height for any track condition.

-Sturdy Aluminum Alloy Construction
-Attractive Blue Anodized Finish
-Aluminum Threaded Shock Collars for Precision Adjustment
-Oil Filled Shock Bodies (Different Oil Weights Available)

-4 Fully Assembled Oil Filled Shocks
-4 Black Shock Springs
-4 Ball Joints, Ball Studs, Screws and Washers
-1 Allen Wrench

Performance Benefits:
-Smoother Overall Handling
-Land Bigger Jumps and Improved Cornering
-Sleek Anodized Blue Look

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Forum is now online
The Radline forum is now online and fully functional. You can join the community now for free.
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Update on Radline arrival date
Radline production is on schedule and the latest date we have for delivery is 10th August 2008.
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