Radline RC WARPATH AWD Monster Truck

If your appetite is for muddin' mayhem, then the READY-TO-RACE RADLINE RC WARPATH is the monster truck for you! With fat, track-eating tires and a lifted, wishbone suspension to clear the roughest patches of terrain, the AWD WARPATH was custom bred for off-road fun - and built to drive on - or over - all that the dirt can dish out!


Your complete RADLINE RC WARPATH Race Kit also includes batteries, a roll bar, bumper, decal set and 2 Channel TX controller. Still not enough excitement for you? "Modify and Maximize" your WARPATH with optional RADLINE RC performance parts and accessories!




+ Durable UL-01ST Chassis
+ Shaft Driven All Wheel Drive
+ Gear driven differentials front and rear
+ Wishbone type suspension
+ Hi-Range front and rear suspension arms
+ RLX240 Motor
+ Hi-Performance MOSFET Electronic Speed Control
+ Digital Proportional Steering and Acceleration
+ RLTX 3-Band Transmitter Included (27Mhz or 49Mhz)
+ RLC Chrome Wheels and Road Ripper 24 tires

+ SCALE: 1/24
+ TIRES: Off-Road w/foam insert
+ SUSPENSION: 4 Wheel Independent Wishbone
+ SPEED: Up to 240 scale MPH
+ RADIO SYSTEM: Race up to 6 cars at once---AM 3 Band, 2 Frequency (29 & 49 MHZ)
+ TRANSMITTER FEATURES: Steering & Throttle Trim, Band Select, Torque Control
+ RECEIVER & ESC: MOSFET Power Control IC, Over Current Protection Circuit, LED Band Select Indicator, Band Select Switch
+ CONTROL PROFILE: 31 Step Digital Proportional Steering & Brake
+ POWER SOURCE: Transmitter 1x9v, Car 4xAAA (*Rechargeable batteries recommended)


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Update on Radline arrival date
Radline production is on schedule and the latest date we have for delivery is 10th August 2008.
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